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Transformer Maintenance & Oil Analysis
Description of company specialities and services
• Insulating oil & alternative insulating fluids analysis. IEC, ASTM, IEEE standards.
• Dissolved Gas Analysis. Furans & Methanol analysis. Physical & Chemical analysis.
• Transformer diagnostics. Health indices of transformer fleets.
• Measurement of the degree of polymerization in paper and board samples.
• Polychlorinated biphenyls PCB analysis.
• Characterization of new batches of insulating liquids by ASTM and IEC standards.
• Miscibility & Compatibility test between different kinds of insulating liquids.
• Compatibility test between rubber materials (gaskets) and insulating liquids.
• Root Cause Analysis. Forensic Investigation of transformers failures.
• Witnessing of Factory Acceptance Tests.
• Supply of sampling material.
• Sampling of transformer oil by qualified personnel.
• Thermographic inspection in substations.

Since 1997, ASIng has perform oil analysis focused in the diagnostic of transformers through our materials test laboratory site in Madrid.
Giving service to the whole chain of energy supply, from transmission to distribution companies, utilities and industries of different sectors.
Working for companies of different countries like, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Portugal, UAE
Transformer Technology