Tech Talks

Tech Talks
Transformer Tips: The Longevity of Bushing Insulation Materials

What are the differences in bushing longevity between porcelain and alternative materials? An industry expert shares his insights.

Transformer Tips: Lead Times - Spare Bushings for Critical Transformers

What is the lead time for porcelain bushings vs. alternative materials? 

Transformer Tips: Condenser Bushings - Change in Insulation Materials

With 40+ years of industry experience, Randy Williams shared his thoughts about current trends in bushing manufacturing and predictions for the future of this critical transformer component.

Transformer Technology Tech Talks - Michael Cunningham, Camlin Group

Camlin Group COO and Camlin Energy Managing Director Michael Cunningham talks about the company’s present efforts and its vision for the future of the energy evolution.

Transformer Technology Tech Talks - John Ulcar and Edson Fariello, Crosslink Technology

Crosslink Technology co-founder and director John Ulcar and the CEO Edson Fariello talked about the company’s 40 years of excellence in transformer bushing casting.

Transformer Technology Tech Talks - Patrick F. McAtarian, Andax Industries

Patrick F. McAtarian, General Manager and co-owner of Andax Industries, talked to us about what it takes to base your success on custom solutions and keep the family-owned business innovative and successful for decades to come.

Transformer Technology Tech Talks - Jon Trout, FirstEnergy

Jon Trout, Manager of Transmission Operations Support at FirstEnergy, shared some of his experiential knowledge about writing specifications, plant inspections, commissioning, transportation and preparing the next generation of transformer professionals.

Transformer Technology Tech Talks - John F. Darby, Niagara Power Transformer

John F. Darby, President of Niagara Power Transformer, talks to TT Editor in Chief Alan Ross about the company's rich legacy, visions for the future and the company's principle "Relationships Matter."

Transformer Technology Tech Talks - Khayakazi Dioka, Eskom

Khayakazi Dioka, Corporate Specialist for Transformers and Reactors from Eskom Holdings SOC talks to Transformer Technology Editor in Chief Alan Ross about her personal life and career, her work at Eskom and the transformer fleet under her supervision.

Transformer Technology Tech Talks - Luiz Cheim, Hitachi ABB

Luiz Cheim, Research & Development Senior Principal from Hitachi ABB Power Grids, tells the story behind his brainchild - the submersible robot that changed the future of transformer inspections.

Transformer Technology Tech Talks - Dennis Reid, H2scan

The founder and CEO of H2Scan Dennis Reid talks to Transformer Technology's Editor in Chief Alan Ross, discussing hydrogen monitoring.

TechCon® 2021 - Going Virtual

TechCon® goes virtual for the first time in its 25-year tradition. Transformer Technology's Alan Ross, TechCon® producer Herman Vogel, Chair Chris Root and panelist John McDonald discuss the upcoming event.

TechCon® 2021 - The Industry's Best-Kept Secret

"TechCon® is the industry's best-kept secret." Transformer Technology's Editor in Chief Alan Ross talks to TechCon® producer Herman Vogel from TJIH2b Analytical Services, Wayne Bishop from OMICRON and Randy Williams from NASS about the upcoming event.

TechCon® 2021 - The Importance of Networking

Transformer Technology's Editor in Chief Alan Ross, TechCon® producer Herman Vogel from TJIH2b Analytical Services, David Wallach from Duke Energy and Kenneth Peterson from Hampton Tedder Technical discuss the upcoming virtual event and the career-changing opportunities for networking it offers.

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