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As a reliability subject matter expert, I am convinced that all reliability starts at the Design stage, and the design stage is more than just how a transformer is engineered, configured and designed, but also how the specifications are created and how it is transported and commissioned. There are so many considerations that will lead to either a reliable asset or one that could fail unexpectedly or even catastrophically. 

The roles of design engineering, operations, procurement and purchasing are all impacted by and have an important hand in the design phase of creating a reliable asset, as part of a reliable system. With great contributions from Jon Trout of First Energy, Diego Robalino of Megger, Dan Smith of LCRA, Jason Varnell of Doble and Randy Williams of NASS, this will prove to be an important addition to the Transformer Technology body of knowledge.

Finally, there is still room for a few articles or interviews from our Community Members so please drop me a line and let me know what compels you to add to this topic; what you believe will be a contribution that will have long-lasting value to the members of the TT Community. We’d love to hear from you.

— Alan Ross

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