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Monitoring & Diagnostics



As an electrical reliability professional, one of my greatest joys, besides my great family and great people I work with, is the joy of seeing positive change.

One of the positive changes I see is the dramatic shift to online monitoring and digitalization of diagnostics. Recently I met with several engineers who spec and manufacture transformers and one of the things they were most excited about was the way OEMs can help their customers through the addition of monitoring and diagnostics.

Bushing monitors, dissolved gas analysis (DGA) monitors, partial discharge (PD) monitors, temperature and moisture monitors - these are becoming standard within the industry.

Why does it get my reliability blood flowing? Because, as we know in the reliability world, all reliability of an asset begins at design. Including Monitoring and Diagnostics into the Design phase means that the next two phases within the reliability process - Operations and Maintenance - are now better set up to keep equipment operating and to maintain that equipment over time.

Monitoring, Digitalization and new methods for Diagnostics

are the new future.

In our July/August Issue, we will feature these positive changes through articles and interviews with leading professionals in the transformer world.

If you would like to be considered for publication as an expert or practitioner, please contact me.


— Alan Ross

Community Moderator and Editor in Chief



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