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TEST ARTICLE 4 Utilities install FSC systems to increase efficiency of transmission networks

Utilities install Fixed Series Compensation (FSC) systems to increase efficiency of transmission networks

GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions announced that seven electrical grid customers energized its leading Fixed Series Compensator (FSC) systems at nine different sites in 2019 to increase the efficiency of their transmission networks.

That’s the equivalent of nearly 3,500 megavar (Mvar) of compensation, with almost all of it being used to support increased renewables generation, the company stated.

FSC technology allows utilities to cost-effectively increase the power transfer capabilities of both existing and new transmission lines, with reduced transmission line losses and overall improved power grid stability.

The FSC technology makes transmission lines behave as if they are physically shorter, thus giving them an increased ability to carry electric power over longer distances with lower losses.

Source: GE Grid Solutions

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