On-Demand Webinar: Best Practice in Transformer Design for Reliability

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The design of conventional transformers is based on long-established analytic-empirical methods. There is a growing need for non-standard designs to meet the power demands due to electrification of transportation systems, distributed propulsion systems, renewable energy integration and power supplies.

In addition, the reliability risks associated with in-service and end-of-life transformers operating in a harmonic-rich and overloaded grid, need to be analyzed to avoid downtime costs.

These alternatives are expected to match the performance of standard transformers in a smaller package; else manufacturers will incur higher operating costs and premature failure. By leveraging digital twins, their performance under normal and extreme conditions can be analyzed resulting in robust designs for reliable performance.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to adopt the best practice in transformer design for reliability using a digital twin and highly accurate simulation software.





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